Puppy Training

Puppy Training

Start Your Puppy’s Training on the right foot

The first few weeks of puppy ownership are critical in setting them, and yourself, up for a lifetime of fun and happiness with your new dog. In many cases people are told that they should wait until their puppy is “old enough” to comprehend what they are teaching them. This is simply NOT TRUE. This would be the same as telling us that we should not talk to our children when they are born because they don’t comprehend what we are saying to them. Our children do not suddenly comprehend language and THEN we start talking to them. They learn to comprehend BECAUSE we have been talking to them.

Your puppy is learning from the day they are born. There brain is growing thousands of new cells every minute. There are times that may it may be easier to teach them certain things, but they are always learning. It is much better to be fair to them, and to yourself, by teaching them the habits and good behaviors, as well as the way you will be communicating with them, on day one, the same as it will be on day ten thousand.

We have two puppy programs here at In Touch Dog Training & Rehabilitation. Our Puppy Management Program and our Puppy Immersion Program.

Puppy Management Program

In our Puppy Management Program we have Private Lessons in your home that are designed to teach the principles of raising a well-mannered and social puppy. The topics covered in your puppy training classes are housebreaking, management systems, leash handling skills, socialization exercises, confidence building, intro to obedience and overall owner awareness.

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Puppy Immersion Program

In our Puppy Immersion Program we add an extra week of Board & Train to our regular Immersion program so that we can do shorter lessons, but more often, in order to take advantage of their natural learning style. But more importantly, the immersion program allows us to take your puppy to lots of places, and meet many people and dogs, out in public. (Our goal is 400 people and dogs each)

This level of interaction offers your puppy the chances to socialize in ways that most owners simply cannot do mainly because they do not have the time. The first 17 weeks in a puppy’s life are crucial for socialization.

Providing your puppy a way to go out and become a happy, social, and confident dog, and come home with the fundamental obedience skills that will make them a joy to be around, will provide them, and yourself, with the fulfillment of living “a dog’s life” the right way.